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Are you making this mistake with your business?

Let’s say you own a pizza restaurant in Minneapolis. A family driving through town decides they want to stop and get a pizza for dinner. Not being from there, they don’t know where to go, so they quickly access Google Maps and do a search for “pizza”.

Guess where the family goes?

Is your business the one that comes up? Or is it your competitor’s restaurant, that’s actually a couple miles further down the road?

What would have happened if you had used local online advertising to be on Google Maps – better yet, at the top?

Yep, they would have gone to you!

Or… what if you own a dental office and someone new to Minneapolis wakes up with an extreme toothache? They grab their phone, do a search for dentist… and you don’t come up… because you’re not listed!

There goes a potential new patient for life that you never got to see.

One of the most exciting and significant developments on the Internet next to Social Media and Social Networking has been Local Digital Advertising and Marketing.

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Local search is now leading the way that most people use the internet to find their goods and services.

People are now reviewing your business while they are still in the building!

With tools such as Google maps, websites like Yelp and the power of Blogs, the power of Local search has now become a vital tool in business marketing and promotion.

In fact, according to Google themselves, 88% of consumers making local searches from a mobile device take an action (calling a business, making a purchase, or visiting a store) within 24 hours. [Google]

BOOM Digital Marketing has been studying, developing and applying effective strategies in Local Online Marketing since it’s beginning with astounding results.

And as a result we have developed a system of implementation that can boost a local business from nowhere to the top of the list on the search engines.

The power of Local Online Marketing using Google Ads can change the course of your business for Life!

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